bad city raven west films still

Bad City

Bad City is on the edge of falling into the hands of a madman, you dig? A strange and funky new party drug is killing kids left and right and that jive-ass, crooked city councillor Dominic Kincaid is behind it all. [more…]

cole raven west films


Cole Chambers is a talented young writer with dreams too big for his small town. Frustrated and trapped, Cole has spent his entire life picking up the pieces of his shattered family. [more…]

embrace of the vampire 2013

Embrace of the Vampire

Sharon Hinnendael stars as Charlotte, a timid and sheltered teen who has just left an all-girls catholic school for a new life at a co-ed university. But an ancient evil has followed her here, tormenting her with disturbing nightmares and tempting her with forbidden desires. [more…]

raven west films emile


When Emile is given the opportunity to travel from England to Victoria on Canada’s west coast to receive an honorary degree, he goes knowing it might be his last chance to reconnect with his only living relatives. [more…]

fathers and sons movie

Fathers & Sons

Fathers & Sons is a comedic exploration of a group of men and their relationships with their fathers. [more…]

in her city film still by raven west films

In Her City

Drawing from the personal stories of young women in three of the epicenters of north america, ‘in her city’ explores their diversity, intersection and commonality. [more…]



raven west films johnny


Johnny, the megalomaniac leader of a group of squeegee kids, finds a video camera and pushes his followers into “acting” out increasingly dangerous “scenes”. [more…]

The Lears on set Raven West Films Bruce Dearn

The Lears

The script focuses on world-renowned cutting-edge architect Davenport Lear. Nearing retirement, he summons his four dysfunctional children Glenn, twins Regan and Rory, Kent, and Regan’s husband Tom Cornwall to a weekend family retreat in one of his signature architectural creations. [more…]

raven west films lola


Lola is an eccentric woman who’s life takes a sudden turn when she saves a mysterious stranger. [more…]

mothers and daughters film

Mothers and Daughters

Mothers & Daughters is a comedic exploration of the turbulent lives of three very different women and the complex relationship each has with her daughter. [more…]

Raven West Films What We're Working On

No Clue

When a beautiful and mysterious woman bursts into Leo’s Vancouver office and begs for his help in finding her missing brother, it’s just another day in the life of a hard-boiled detective. [more…]

Normal Movie Raven West Films


Three strangers struggle to come to terms with a tragic accident, each searching for closure and connection after their worlds briefly collide. [more…]

rehearsal movie still


A British theatre director is forced to hire a Hollywood action star in order to guarantee an audience for a stage production of Chekhov’s ‘The Seagull’. [more…]

raven west films repeaters movie


Without consequences to our actions, does morality exist?

Repeaters is a fast paced thriller that follows the lives of three young outsiders whose days inexplicably repeat as they struggle to battle personal demons and addictions. [more…]

severed forest of the dead still


On a remote island, a bizarre infection is turning lumber workers into flesh eating zombies. [more…]

sisters & brothers cory monteith

Sisters & Brothers

The unique and often hilarious bond between sisters and brothers is explored in this comedy about four different sets of siblings.[more…]

unnatural and accidental movie still

Unnatural & Accidental

Rebecca has returned home to be with her dying father. His last wish is that she track down her mother, an aboriginal woman who has long been missing.[more…]