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influence movie Raven West Films Carl bessai movie still
influence movie Raven West Films Carl bessai movie still

Influence spends 12 consecutive hours in the intimate company of a young Los Angeles social media influencer, Féline.  

She begins the day with the removal of a small mole on her neck – the biopsy results from which she will get 12 hours later.  We follow her from appointment to appointment as she encounters colleagues, coworkers, friends and family – but all the while this sudden awareness of her own mortality brings with it a changed perspective on her privileged life. Influence examines our contemporary culture’s obsession with image and our increasing dependence on technology.

Influence Trailer

Key Cast & Crew: 

Executive Producers: Deborah Maxwell Dion, Laura Lightbrown, Sam Eigen, Steve Macy

Producers: Hadley Dion

Writers: Carl Bessai, Woan Ni Wooi, Hadley Dion

Director of Photography: Carl Bessai

Production Design: Hal Dion

Mair/Makeup Design: Sydney Oprita

Costume Design: Woan Ni Wooi

Music Supervisors: Heather Gardner and Telan WongVapor Music